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Spring, are we there yet?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


Spring fashion anxiety is that time of the year when the spring has officially arrived, but the weather is not quite spring (read warm!) yet.

Well, this may not resonate with you if you don’t live in Britain.

Believe me, I know the feeling since I came from a tropical country and spring is spring (24c+) and we can go crazy with the dresses, shorts and all the wonderful colours spring brings.

Spring is all about the colours!

Spring is the perfect season for many, the weather is not excessively hot and humid, flowers blossoming everywhere, more hours on the day and that cosy sunshine that makes our soul smile. What’s not to like about it?

Spring brings many new plans, it is when we are getting out of the cold and gloomy winter and realise there is a lot of life outside waiting for us. Our body and soul wake up! Spring for me is also synonymous of travel, adventure and the perfect break in a perfect little spot somewhere in the world!

Moving swiftly to fashion trends for this season and all the newness that designers will throw at us, there is something special about 2019 spring/summer fashion and styles… almost everything goes!

Vogue has announced the The 12 Definitive Trends Of Spring/Summer 2019 and I was analysing these trends and it goes from beige and nude tones to pastels, neons and very colourful patterns. This is so positive, as far as I am concerned, as almost everything goes, it really depends on what you like and what suits you.

To die for…

Remember the tie-dye fashion back in the early 70’s and 2000’s? Back then tie-dye was a niche fashion targeted at surfers, hippies and for the psychedelic fashion gurus. Well, be surprised, tie-dye fashion is back!!

Bazaar explains the return of this fashion for 2019 and the evolution to align with current trends and colours.

Tie-dye will definitely have an appearance on the holiday clothing as well as more classical wardrobe! Keep an eye out!

The new season staples and your wardrobe

Wondering where to begin? So, don’t go rushing to the shops just yet to get a whole new wardrobe to spice up your Spring.

Firstly, start gradually putting the big coats away (leave one out as we still may get the odd very cold evenings!), separate all the dark colours from the light, vibrant and colourful outfits that were buried somewhere in your closet. This will allow you to assess what you have and did not remember but would be just perfect for the spring/summer season. You would be surprised!

I’m getting my tie-dye clothing out! What are you getting out from previous years/decades that may serve you well for 2019 Spring?

Best wishes,


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