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Standard Packaging and Wrapping

Rings, bracelets and small items will be placed in our Mrs Strugnell velvet bag. Necklaces will be placed in our Mrs Strugnell Boutique Black Box. All items will be placed into a protective plastic sleeve or bubble wrap for shipping. The items will then be placed into either a cardboard box or a padded envelope for shipping, depending on size and weight.


No additional Cost for velvet bags or the gift box.

Pouch with Jewellery.png
Box with Jewellery.png
Closed Box.png

New Logo

In November 2022 we introduced our new logo which is more contemporary, vibrant and luxurious to better reflect our collections of semi-precious jewellery. We are introducing new packaging with the new logo, however in the interest of sustainability we will continue to use our packaging with the old logo until all old stock is finished. Mrs Strugnell Boutique supports sustainable fashion and we wouldn't have the heart to throw all brand new packaging (with old logo) and add to landfill issues. As soon as we have used up all of our packaging with the old logo we will fully introduce the new packaging.

I hope you, like us, share our values on sustainability in the fashion and accessories industry!

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