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Our Story

My Fashion, My Style, Your Boutique
We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”;
I am here to do just that!

Mrs Strugnell Boutique celebrates self expression and confidence, whatever life has in store.


At Mrs Strugnell Boutique, I embrace the power beautiful statement jewellery and accessories have to transform an outfit. Whether a casual outfit, a cocktail dress, corporate wear, or an evening gown, my jewellery gives you a boost of confidence and a head-turning flourish.


My business was born from a desire to sell unique pieces of jewellery made by artisans from around the world. Supporting designers across the globe, I bring luxurious yet affordable jewellery to women who appreciate a stand-out accent accessory.


I believe in uniqueness over mass production, choosing handmade or small-batch production jewellery. I love to support the work of craftspeople, artisans, and localised economies - all while offering something quite exclusive you won’t find on the high street!

Each piece in the online store was carefully selected by me, designed to help you craft your signature look and help you stand out from the crowd.


Throughout my life I have always loved accessories, particularly fashion jewellery. I love the power jewellery has to create a unique accent to my outfits, bringing a look to life with a carefully chosen accessory… or two!

Inspired by Life

My business is founded on a desire to bring joy. My own life was changed in 2021 with the loss of my beloved husband Justin. My biggest fan and supporter, he taught me to always head boldly towards my hopes and desires.
The Mrs Strugnell boutique is a realisation of our shared dream, and I feel his love and support for my endeavour every day. I know that Justin would adore what I am creating, and would love to be an inspiration for all of us forging ahead and building the life we want.
Thank you so much for being here with me too. I’m thrilled to share my dream and jewellery with you.
Claudia Rabello Strugnell
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