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Summer Celebrations - The best jewellery must haves

Yes!!! It's beginning to feel a lot like summer!

Today is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year!

The summer solstice refers to the moment that the sun travels on its longest path through the sky, meaning that day has the most daylight. This year’s summer solstice will fall on 21st June 2023 – TODAY! This year, the sun reached its northernmost point at 3.57pm UK time.

Read the blog to the end for a summer surprise, especially for you!

Summer Celebrations - The best jewellery must haves

Summer is a special season, so many events happen during this time of the year! Weddings, graduations, special holidays, outdoor parties/concerts and special gatherings with family and friends are all special times that tend to happen more often during the summer months!

It is a celebration of colours, shine, jewellery and life!


Did you know that between June and August, is when most of UK weddings take place? What a wonderful time to wear that special jewellery. You certainly don’t want to overshadow the bride, but you can have your own and unique shine with our semi-precious stone jewellery from our Glamour Collection.


This is the best time to try out fun, bold, playful and glamour jewellery.

Our Fantasy and Urban Collections are perfect for holiday mode!


This is not only a special time for those who graduate and are feeling the overjoy of having achieved one of the big milestones in life, but it is also a special moment for the proud family and friends who have been part of that journey too, directly or indirectly! Why not celebrate in style and bring in that special accent to this occasion with our Accent Collection?

Summer is an occasion in itself!

Yes, whilst there are so many different occasions that seem to happen more often during the summer, the season itself is an occasion. Summer is all about enjoying the sunshine, wearing dresses and fabulous outfits, and looking glamorous while doing it. For me, a girl who was born in Brazil, where sunshine and heat is taken for granted as most days seem to be like summer, I have learned to really appreciate the British summer.

On that note, I make sure that I bring that special fabulousness to my summer outfits complementing it with Jewellery to Impress!

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to bring that fabulousness to your outfits and enjoy 25% discount on us for a limited time only! Use code: SUMMER25

Discount available until Saturday 24th June midnight!

GO girl, get your statement piece and enjoy all summer has to offer!

Best wishes,



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