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5 Key Jewellery Trends for 2023!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

We normally think about fashion but not so much on accessories trends. This may be because there is an assumption that jewellery will automatically mirror the fashion trends and reflect the colours, patterns and style. However, jewellery has a life of its own and has the power of adding that unique signature style to your outfit.

As we live in a world of fashionistas, influencers and Instagram’s impeccable photos, jewellery has seen a massive shift in demand. Yes, more people are wearing jewellery! Whether it is costume, fashion, bespoke or fine jewellery there is one common demand … stand out, unique statement jewellery.

So what's happening in the jewellery world?

Accessories became a way of expressing your singularity and your signature despite the fashion trends. Jewellery, in special, has the power of bringing an outfit together and provide a statement and signature style. Customers are shifting their interest to pieces that speak to them and shows their personality and differential in a world where fashion tends to subtly dictate what people should wear.

As a result, we are seeing more demand for unusual, unique, colourful, handmade, sustainable and bespoke pieces not only to wear on special occasions but every day. This is signature style naturally unfolding and it is great!

The question is, is there such a a thing as jewellery trends?

The answer is YES! Trends will always exist to follow the natural market demands or create new demands from influences and creativity from designers and artisans.

Jewellery designers and artisans can bring their vision to life with precious creation using all sorts of materials, gems, precious stones or just beads. The impressive thing is the uniqueness, creativity and newness that they can bring to you, whether you are more of a maximalist who likes stand out jewellery (hey, speaking to me?) or minimalists who prefers discreet and meaningful pieces.

The important thing to bear in mind is that trends are general movement in a particular direction, a suggestion of style and preferences. Trends are not dictatorial and your signature style should prevail, however people change and sometimes their style and preferences change too.

Having said all this, let’s have a quick look what are the jewellery trends for 2023

What do you need to know about the 5 key jewellery trends?

1. Pearls – a classic trend, going upwards.

Pearls is considered a classic trend that signifies elegance and class. That has not changed as a trend, pearls are still the go to for a classic elegant look, however current trends on pearls are changing and 2023 is seeing more statement pieces, where size and creativity matter!

We are not leaving behind the classic pearl necklace or choker but adding a contemporary flair and making it more elaborated stand out pieces without losing the classy element that it can bring to an outfit.

Oversized pearls, creative types of necklaces, bracelets and earrings are the trend now. Givenchy runaway 2023 saw models with oversized pearls to complement their spring/summer collection.

2. Stones – lots of it!

Whether it is real or lab grown diamonds, crystals, zirconia, natural or lab gemstones, it is all about the sparkle! Gemstones have seen an increase in demand for the past few years. And there are more affordable of semi-precious stones on the forefront of this years’ trends and I’m very excited about this as I can see designers creating unique and creative pieces with different materials and stones.

Gemstones and high-quality crystals always being a passion of mine and Mrs Strugnell Boutique curates the most unique and creative pieces from the best Brazilian jewellery designers and artisans bringing to our customers the most unique concept in jewellery!

Below the stunning Scarlett Amethyst and Alegria bracelet with quartz fume stone.

The Ursula necklace and earrings are the ultimate accessory sophistication. The design of this necklace features delicate gemstones creating softness and glamour.

The stunning beautiful gemstones bring luxury and uniqueness to these pieces.

3. Flowers and jewellery, the perfect combination to a whole new level

Who doesn’t love Miley Cyrus new hit song Flowers, especially the line I can buy myself flowers? Well, that’s your chance to buy flower shaped jewellery, you can buy your own flowers in gold, silver, with gemstones and even diamonds. Floral jewellery brings sophistication and femininity. Designers and artisans are bringing an explosion of creativity when it comes to flower shaped jewellery.

Flower motifs had done its round when it comes to jewellery design but what is different between past trends and this year’s trend? It is the creativity and contemporary element bringing flowers to the forefront with such relevant statement pieces.

The Accent Collection is a mixture of contemporary and classic semi-precious jewellery that will bring that glow and uniqueness that has the power to transform an outfit and your inner confidence.

The boldness of the flower shaped exquisite designs bring a dramatic effect and overall balance to the piece. The pieces in this Collection will influence your style by bringing that sparkle.

4. Bold Bracelets and Cuffs

Let’s savour this moment…. Statement bracelets and cuffs are back!

Statement bracelets are definitely having a moment but with a contemporary and boldness twist.

What’s making this trend interesting is that bracelets and cuffs can also be used over your long sleeve top making it versatile to wearing at all seasons, come rain or shine!

Since the word of 2023 seems to be statement, I would encourage you to wear 2 bracelets or cuffs, one in each arm. Of course, it is important to bring balance with similar shapes combining a natural flow with the outfit in a way that won’t interfere with your overall look but enhance and make it more contemporary.

Moncher Collection Statement Bracelets

If nothing else, make sure you purchase a statement bracelet for this season, a timeless piece, not only for the current trend, but for many coming trends, because the more is more approach is here to stay!

5. Earrings, the power piece

In July 2022, I written a blog about statement earrings and the power they can bring to an outfit. At that point, little I did realize that statement earrings were lined up to be the power piece of jewellery trends in 2023!

Many celebrities and fashion shows use earrings to accentuate the outfit. According to Vogue France one of the jewellery trends for 2023 is GO BIG or GO HOME. No wonder statement earrings still remain the power piece of jewellery wear. Get some runaway inspiration!

Trends indicate a direction of travel for fashion and accessories for a particular season. What really becomes trendy is when you are able to adapt trends or make your own based on your uniqueness and style signature!

GO girl, get your statement pieces and do you!

Best wishes,


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