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Autumn - A season of transformation

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

In 2023, the UK Autumn equinox occurred on Saturday, 23rd September at 6:50am, signalling the end of summer and the start of a new season.

Autumn is a season of transformation and change and we should take some lessons from Mother nature as it is important that we take time to reflect what changes we are about to embark.

Leaves will fall, tress will be bare, colours will change from the beautiful vivid greens from the summer to brown, oranges and reds. Some may see autumn as a melancholic season, but it is also a season of riches and harvester, for many abundances. That is nature telling us that change is good and we should also thing what changes we would like to make in our lives, maybe embark on a new project?

I was thinking how can autumn reflections help us consider the nature surrounding us, climate concerns and our planet in general?

It is an embedded behaviour that we feel we need to update our wardrobes at every new season and get some new trendy items in our already growing collection of clothes.

But… is it time for a new collection yet?

It is all part of a marketing strategy to wet our appetite to desire more and make impulsive purchases. It is a human trait, the more we buy, the more we want, the more we want, the more we buy, then throw it away and buy some more - simply a vicious cycle that many of us get into.

It is not news that the fashion industry contributes heavily to the climate crisis with carbon footprint, plastic, water usage, greenhouse gases, cheap synthetic fibres, landfill and much more. The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. Please refer to this excellent article from the World Economic Forum for some disturbing facts.

Fashion is a thirsty industry

Did you know that it takes about 2,700 Litres of water to product one cotton t-shirt?

I was shocked! According to Good on You website, this is enough drinking water for 3 years.

On top of the water consumption to produce garments, there is an element of pollution. The Dro4Drop website explains that dyeing and treatment of garments makes up roughly 17-20% of all industrial water pollution according to the World Bank, with water primarily being used in the dyeing process to remove excess dye. These chemicals often escape treatment and work their way back into freshwater sources.

The Refinery29 website states that A 2017 report revealed that, in 2015 alone, the fashion industry consumed 79 billion cubic metres of water – enough to fill 32 million Olympic-size swimming pools. That figure is expected to increase by 50% by 2030. It's a staggering amount but when you look closely at just how much water goes into every garment, it starts to add up.

How can we look stylish, classy and on trend?

I have been reflecting on many things as the season changes and some of my conclusions on fashion and sustainability:

  • Focus on a classic timeless wardrobe with just few fashionable/season trend items. You should be able to make a number of different combinations by mixing classic with season trends.

  • Use accessories and jewellery to bring some luxury to your outfit.

  • Transform pieces that you are not ready to let go but it doesn’t suit in its current form (i.e. shorten a long skirt, change the buttons of blouses and blazers, transform a dress into a nice blouse or skirt)

  • Find a good seamstress to make outfit transformations

Use jewellery to transform your outfits

Statement jewellery is not only a great way to bring an outfit to life, but also one of the best ways to express your identity, your signature style. Jewellery also brings versatility to your outfits as you can create different looks without having to constantly invest in new outfits. You simply, let your jewellery do the talk!

However, it is important to choose jewellery that complements your sense of style, personality and wardrobe. Jewellery that connects with you.

For example, earrings can be a power piece! Statement earrings is not necessarily about sparkle, but it needs to bring impact, a pop, boldness and jazz with elegance in order to enhance your outfit.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace changes by using jewellery to transform your outfits!

Finally, if you must buy....

  • Only buy if you are 100% sure that you love the outfit and will wear for many years to come

  • Make sure it perfectly fits your body shape so that you don’t have second thoughts afterwards and throw it at the depths of your wardrobe.

  • Don’t buy much of the same colours you already have in excess in your wardrobe. Diversity is key to build a timeless wardrobe

  • Think about how the piece you are considering purchasing will go with what you already have

Options are endless if you decide to think outside the box and create more and more with what you have…

Have a fantastic autumn!

Best wishes,



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