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Mon Cher Bracelet Collection

Bringing the art of jewellery knitting into the spotlight, our exquisite Mon Cher collection celebrates conversation, craft, and community.


Each one of these jewels is a talking point, intricately handmade with fine metal threads. Knitted into beautiful, latticed forms, Czech crystals glitter on each for a head-turning finish. The Mon Cher collection makes a magnificent statement. With striking scale and texture, these pieces add luxury and impact to your look.


Your Mon Cher piece has been individually handmade by skilled Brazilian artisans. The designs employ a specialist knitting technique, with every bead and crystal hand-woven onto delicate metal threads. This authentic and highly skilled craft needs no glue - needles, hands, and eyes are the only tools our artisans employ. 


Wearing Mon Cher, you help keep a heritage craft alive. The women who practice this art are, in the main, seniors in the local community. Proudly and entirely handmade, every piece is plated in precious metals - gold, rose gold or palladium.


The process is naturally sustainable, with all leftover materials utilised in new designs or returned to the source.

The Power of Handmade!

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