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Kaledeiscope Jewellery Collection

The Kaleidoscope Collection is 100% handmade and inspired in the Brazilian culture.  This collection is a celebration of  magical encounters between artisans and creativity  bringing vibrancy, innovation and luxury to women who want class and sophistication in a contemporary format. 

The technique used to create this collection is inspired on how Egyptians made their chest adornments. It's a delicate work that requires attention to detail and slow execution. 


From the Brazilian natural stones, to Swarovski crystals, woods, freshwater pearls, to other natural materials, quality is the essence. In addition, all of our metal components are hypoallergenic in gold, silver, or rhodium-plated brass; and the pins of our earrings are in surgical steel. All for the total comfort of those who use it, and greater durability of each piece. We think that the best is never too much.

Jewellery has an undeniable ability to create an accent and elevate an outfit and the Kaledeiscope collection does just that.

Every piece tells a story. What story will you tell?

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