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Hot chocolate and coffee season!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Don’t be afraid of colours, be bold!

Grab a coffee...

Yes, this blog may be a little late as we head to the end of the winter (hopefully, anyway!) and very soon I will be updating my Spring Blog for 2020. However, it is never too late! It looks like we will have an extended winter in the UK anyway!

When I think about fashion and season, I focus on the things I like about that season in which I could reflect in the clothes that I wear. For me it is a direct connection with the emotions and the season vibes.

Yes, you will get the trends from the fashion industry but I would not rush into buying anything.

According to Vogue and other fashion industry leaders, this winter (2020) is a season of contrasts where patterns and bold colours are stealing the spring spotlight. I like contrast!! I’m in!

Fleece outfits and colourful coats seem to be everywhere as a staple fashion for the season and animal print is still pretty much a carry on from last winter.

There is a sense that seasons are clashing and there is a definite overlap. This is good news as we don’t necessarily need to have a seasonal wardrobe as there will be many pieces that you will be able to wear through all seasons. All you need is some staple statement pieces which go with the rest of your wardrobe. Great for your pocket and for the environment (slow fashion!).

Mixing your different seasons wardrobe

I need to connect with the season, the vibes and my plans for that season. Winter provides the perfect excuse to wear cosy outfits with a bit of sparkle and boldness! Winter for me does not necessarily mean wearing blacks, greys and browns, I like to bring the other season themes to my winter wardrobe and colour is a must!

Think about that cold, grey and rainy day… Yes that kind of London vibe! Pop some bright yellow, red, pink or green to your outfit and not only will you feel a million dollars, you will make a statement and stand out from the crowd!

Colour also brings some elegance and confidence to your outfit! I don’t pack away my spring/summer wardrobe during the winter season. Do you?

I wear my spring/summer clothes, just in a different way. One of my favourites is to wear a dress with a cosy jumper along with a statement boot. Let your creativity flow and soon you will realise that you can mix and match and make a new entire outfit with the clothes you already have!

Spice up your winter wardrobe this winter (not too late !!!) by adding bold pops of colour and whites. This is easily achieved by adding a colourful scarf, statement boots, a bright coat or a bright sweater. There are countless ways to bring colour to your winter outfit. Be creative, mix your different seasons’ wardrobe to achieve that cosy, elegant and bold winter outfit!

I would be delighted if you could share some of your creativity here by letting us know your tips or sending a photo!

Do you pack your summer and spring clothes away during the autumn/winter seasons?

Best wishes,



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