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Animal print, classy or trashy?

Updated: May 31, 2023

Firstly, let’s talk about the fall/winter season!

For me, this is like a metamorphose season. It is the gradual changes we make in preparation for the winter. However, there is something quite magical and vibrant about the autumn – its colours!

Trends come and go but the earthy colours and patterns seem always to make an appearance during this season. I think most of us feel compelled by the beautiful colours nature throw at us, the browns, mustard, reds, greens and yellows - the rich, bright and warm tones.

Just take a good look at the autumn colours that nature offer us and how exciting and inspiring that can be. There are colours that will dominate each year Autumn's trend but that shouldn't stop you from playing with the Autumn palette.

Always remember, you own fashion and not the other way round, it is about your individuality and tastes, what makes you, the beautiful YOU!

But... what is the trend for Autumn/Winter 2022/23?

Animal print is one of the trends for fall/winter 22, especially leopard print! According to this Guardian article, the rock’n’roll print was reworked across the AW22 runways from maxi dresses at Etro to knee-high boots at Sportmax.

Hate it or love it, the prints will be out from zebra, leopard, tigers and everything in between. It will be the animal magic!

A number of top designers have demonstrated on their fashion shows that the prints are here to stay. Interestingly, the magic is to go wild, seemingly a very appropriate word! The must is to throw all print patterns and colours together. Too much? Trashy?

Of course it depends on taste but one key element is bringing the clash together in a coordinated flow.

What colour or style jewellery goes with animal print?

The options of accessorizing with a animal print are endless. Depending on the print colours, you can go from neutrals to bold colours and style your outfit with different accessories.

My advice is not to over-accessorize, the animal print itself is the star of the show, the accessories need to bring elegance and compliment the style. Unless, of course, if you are into the bolder the better style, then go for a dramatic over accessorised look.

Here, I went for a maximalist look. I'm wearing a silver and black animal print glitter dress and wearing the Mon Cher Biattrix silver bracelet just to elevate and bring the extra sophisticated look to this print.

How to distinguish classy from trashy leopard print, for example?

When it comes to animal print, I have always taken a quite traditional and classy approach. Animal prints, for me, always work as an accent. I’ve always gone for the prints that made a timeless wardrobe items. The faux fur coat to wear with blacks and neutrals, the chic and cute pair of boots, the silk blouse, a wrap around scarf, etc.

Clash of prints may look wonderful on the catwalk with all the production, lights, make up etc but I’m not so sure how this panes out in real life and on our high streets. So far, for me, it has been one animal print theme at a time! However, I will be experimenting! Experimentation with fashion is like pushing the boundaries and discovering new styles that you didn't think would suit or would be possible.

Will I change my mind during this season?

Watch this space as I will be observant on how this trend will affect me and others during this season, a subject for another blog!

What is your take on animal print?

Have a wonderful fall season!

Best Wishes,



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