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Accessorize and up your game!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

It is not about changing up your look it is about transformation!

You probably have noticed on my Instagram feed that I love fashion jewellery and use different types of accessories to bring that extra style to the outfit. Some may even say a bit too much... but like Louis Vandross says NEVER TOO MUCH...

I am always thinking how I am going to accessorize an outfit. It could be a belt, a necklace, bracelet, brooches, watches, scarves, hats, handbag, sunglasses or just a ring. These are the questions I ask myself to match the accessory (ies) to my outfit:

1) What do I want to change about the outfit look?

2) Do I want to bring some elegance?

3) Do I want to look more adventurous, sporty, classy, street, retro, vintage or cool?

For me, accessories add personality to the outfit, it says, hey look at me!! (in a good way!)

Accessories also can add a total change to a basic old outfit.

Experiment! Try jeans with a white tee and throw in a pearl necklace. The pearl necklace will elevate the outfit and bring some style and elegance. However, if you decide to wear a cord or leather necklace with the same outfit you will change the look all together to a more street style. You get my drift? One outfit, different looks and styles - just change the accessory.

How you can transform your look with accessories without having to invest in a whole new outfit?

It is about making an outfit versatile. See your accessories as the condiments and spice of your clothes. That ornament treatment that will add the flavour and bring that personality to your outfit.

If you are the kind of person that tend not to invest so much on accessories, you may want to start thinking about it. Believe me, it is easier to reinvent your wardrobe with some key accessories to hand.

If you are planning to go on adventure and buy some accessories, do some planning! Few tips for a successful accessories shopping trip:

  • Choose the outfits you may accessorize

  • Think about what style you want to achieve (classy, vintage, etc)

  • Choose pieces that will accessorize well with few outfits. Is it a bracelet, a scarf or a necklace?

  • Colours are so important, establish what the colour theme of your wardrobe is and choose accessories that you will be able to wear with more than one outfit

  • Finally, go for it and bring that transformation to the forefront and make your outfit more eye catching

If you like this blog and it inspired you to think about accessories as part of your style, let me know by leaving a comment what changes in outfit did you bring about with your new/old accessories.

Really looking forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy your transformation!



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