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Shine in the shade with the best sunglasses for you!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Bold, Elegant, Sporty or simply a statement, those sunglasses will lift your day and outfit

It’s fair to say sunglasses have become a staple accessory, for many a summer outfit. Be it classic, sporty, colourful, monochromatic, printed or vintage there seems to be a style that will tailor to fit your fashion tastes. Whatever you call these additions be it sunglasses, shades or sunnies – these items have become more than just a protection tool from the sun’s glare.

Traditionally, sunglasses were assumed to only make that real ‘wow’ statement to your summer outfit but now you can wear them in any season and be cool with many winter looks.

From Milan to Paris, New York to London, with each season and catwalk the fashion houses encapsulate their own take on the eyewear department. Shades can range from the oversized to the minimalistic, the aviator to the more artisan squared style with even eco fashion now taken on its own role thanks to models such as Lily Cole. A long time trendsetter, sunglasses have been made the chic addition to any wardrobe from those made famous by 50s actresses such as Sophia Loren through to the modern day vintage wear as seen by models such as Dita Von Teese.

Should I follow the trend?

A question I get asked my many people is ‘should I follow the trend?’

Owning a small collection of these primed accessories I find people approach me to not only discuss my worrying shades addiction but to also seek advice on trends and suitability. I always have one answer – YES! If the trend goes with your style and the shape of your face then most definitely give it a go! After all sunglasses can add both a fun and classy element to your outfit.

The cat eye skinny shape is an interesting one. It not only screams that retro feel of the 60s with the edge of 21st Century glamour thanks to their thin frames but this shape is without doubt a style for this year’s summer. I love its look and with the right shape face it can add that je ne sais quoi!

I can hear you asking ‘well did YOU buy one?’ The simple answer to this is no I didn’t, not this time at least. Although, I am very much in love with this frame and having exhausted all options in my local Boots Opticians and other eye wear shops I just don’t seem to have the face which suits. I’ll admire from afar when it comes these ones – remember it’s all about knowing your style, what suits and what doesn’t!

A frame that’s recently caught my eye is the Catye by BVLGARI – although it is the cat eye look, it is not too small and the sleek metal frame delivers a stunning class to it. The camel colour is gorgeous. It is part of their Divas' Dream Collection. I must say I'm very tempted to add this addition to my collection, at some point!

Choosing the perfect pair!

The rule to choosing your perfect pair is to well, not have any rules – rebel against those fashion houses and bend the rules to suit your tastes. Choose what you like, what inspires you and above all don’t ignore what nature gave you - embrace your shape and you’ll soon have a match made in sunnies heaven! These fashion pieces are not cheap though so if in doubt, save your money and be patient. Your perfect pair is out there!

Finding out your face shape can be a trick thing, many times I stared at the mirror and just couldn't figure it out exactly... So a little help may come handy.

Brightside Blog offers many tips that will certainly help you choose your perfect pair.

It turns out I'm a mixture of an oval and rectangular shape, quite contradictory but I will take that as this means more sunglasses to choose from!

I hope you are enjoying the sunny summer! (it seems redundant, grammatically speaking, but if you know the British summer, you will understand the redundancy).

Have a sunnie day!



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