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Let your statement jewellery do the talk

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Statement jewellery is not only a great way to bring an outfit to life, but also one of the best ways to express your identity, your signature style. It is also a great way to bring versatility to your outfits as you can create different looks with your statement jewellery without having to constantly invest in new outfits.

A myth about statement jewellery is that you should only wear it when you are glammed up for special occasions. Statement does not necessarily always mean luxury diamonds and jewellery pieces with tons of stones, you can make a statement with a piece that brings attention to your focal point i.e., neckline, hands, arms, face or hair. It can be fine jewellery, semi-precious jewellery or simply a fashion costume jewellery. It is how you make it a statement and how it speaks with your outfit with harmony at the same time being the centre stage. According to Vogue, jewellery trends for 2023 is GO BIG or GO HOME! So, let your jewellery do the talk!

Another important thing to remember about the word statement is that it can be bold or subtle. You may be asking but how subtle can make a statement? Statement is when a jewellery piece does the talk, it is the centre stage and brings a sense of drama (in a positive way)!

These statement rings certainly make a beautiful statement adding a sense of uniqueness and elegance by bringing the attention to your hands.


The question is how to let your statement jewellery do the talk? I put together 3 key points for your consideration:

1- Choose your focal point

Weather you are wearing jeans, work outfit or glammed up for an occasion what you need to consider is where you want to draw attention to considering what you are wearing and your hair style.

You can elevate the classic jeans and a T-shirt look by wearing statement jewellery. I suggest that you bring attention to the neckline and fingers to bring elegance and charm. I love wearing pearls necklace and matching ring to elevate a simple look.

In this picture I was wearing jeans and a white jumper. By adding a statement pear necklace and ring I have elevated the look of a causal outfit to a casual elegant outfit that could take me from desk-to-dinner without having to change my outfit. I find important to keep elegant and stylish on the go and some jewellery pieces allow you to move from day to night.

If you wear short hair or have a hair updo you can choose your face to be your focal point by wearing a statement earring, subtle or bold, as long as it draws attention to your face.

Some outfits have beautiful necklines that would be a shame not to make a statement. One important thing to remember about statement necklaces is to wear it with the right neckline – i.e. strapless, off the shoulder, scoop neck or v neck tops are ideal as it allows your necklace shine and be the statement piece. The second important thing is to wear a necklace length that fits the neckline.

The neckline on this black jumpsuit was absolutely perfect to wear the Gota necklace, not only making a statement but letting the beautiful sodalite pendant be the talk of the room. Sodalite is a rich royal blue natural gemstone. Learn more about Sodalite gemstone here.

2- Consider your outfit and hairstyle

Sometimes we are so desperate to wear that beautiful statement jewellery that we have that we just throw it on at the first opportunity without giving much thought to what we are wearing. Guilty? I certainly am! However, I have learned my lesson and I really give some thought to what I’m wearing before I choose my statement jewellery. Alternatively, you can choose your jewellery first and choose the outfit or hair style to fit with the jewellery.

I was desperate to wear the Luxury Flower Earring as it is beautiful and dazzling but I had to make sure my face was going to be the focal point, so my strategy was to wear a hair updo and a matching ring. No more accessories were necessary as it would totally distract the attention from the earring. The Luxury Flower Earring certainly made an entrance!

3- Less is more

Sometimes I advocate that more is more, and it certainly can be the case depending on the occasion, outfit and your personality. But as a rule of thumb and when it comes to statement jewellery less is more to allow the jewellery you chose to make a statement and do the talk! If you overdo it, you are not drawing attention to any piece and that is a waste of jewellery.

On the less is more topic, your outfit is a major consideration. If you are wearing sparkly dress or blouse or an outfit that has beads, sequins or glitter avoid wearing jewellery that conflicts with the outfit. Think that the outfit is a statement and wearing a subtle jewellery on the right place will complement the outfit and not clash with the style.

4- More is More

When more is more….. although there are basic pointers to ensure your statement jewellery brings that eye catching appeal to your outfit, rules are to be broken and if stacks of jewellery are part of your personal style and personality, go for it!


Mrs Strugnell Boutique’s statement jewellery collections brings boldness, colour and class at the same time producing a dramatic visual effect that will turn heads. The eye-catching pieces will elevate your outfit with a stylish and affordable luxury.

All jewellery is produced in Brazil and Italy and uses a number of different materials from Brazilian semi-precious stones, zirconia, rhinestone, ABS pearls, tassels, enamel metal and plated gold/silver.

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How would start introducing statement jewellery to your look?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,


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