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It is all about the details...

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

An old affair of mine, my love for neckerchief and scarves!

Casual look with a silk neckerchief
My favourite silk neckerchief

A scarf or neckerchief is an interesting accessory. It’s that one piece of clothing that can totally change a look. It can stretch a variety of looks from sophisticated to vintage adding even a sporty edge if you decide to wear as a bandana.

A timeless addition to your wardrobe

A neckerchief is a piece that never goes out of fashion and is an accessory that isn’t dictated by the seasons. You can quite easily use a silk neckerchief during the summer months (ok, maybe not in a tropical summer country, more but a typical British summer will welcome it) to give that extra special bit of colour and class.

Accentuating your style, it is all in the details!

When I started to pay attention to neckerchiefs during my late teens and early adult life, I used to associate them with stewardess uniform. I always felt that this simple accessory brought their uniform to life.

Living in Brazil during my young adulthood, life with summers reaching 45 degrees and winters as low as 25 degrees (tropical winters too!), it was hard for me to visualise wearing such an accessory in the tropics of Brazil. Travelling in Europe opened my eyes to the neckerchief with a newfound understanding and appreciation for how fashionable this simple scarf could be and it was from here I began my love affair with these pieces soon adopting them as one of my signature styles.

Years after this discovery I have become somewhat of a collector with scarves of all sizes and types but neckerchiefs became an inseparable accessory piece of my wardrobe.

If you have quite a basic wardrobe with lots of jeans, white, black tops, you can always pop colour and style with a neckerchief or a long scarf. It will elevate your look and capture a lot of attention. Try it!

Wherever in the world my life now takes me I’m always sure to pack a seasonal neckerchief or scarf - knowing I can upgrade from basic to sophisticated in an instance is something that is fundamental to any outfit of mine.

Class, class and class

Some brands are known by the style of their scarves and neckerchiefs. It is a synonym of status, prestige! Just think Hermes, what springs to mind first? Well, for me it represents the scarf culture!

Icons, celebrities and the queen all have adopted scarves and some of them adopt it as their signature style. The options are endless with this little fashion gem!

Embrace the Mrs Strugnell Scarf Culture

Follow me on Instagram to see my top neckerchief inspired outfits. There are so many looks you can achieve, basically all year round! Let's together master the scarf art!

Thanks for reading! Keep checking back for our next blog post as we will talk about specific styles you can achieve.

Have a scarf day!



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