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Be Glamorous, Be Sustainable! My Autumn Fashion Reflections

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

A call for change!

Autumn is a season of transformation and change and we should take some lessons from Mother nature as it is important that we take time to reflect on what changes we are about to embark.

Leaves will fall, tress will be bare, colours will change from the beautiful vivid greens to brown, oranges and reds. Some may see autumn as a melancholic season, but it is also a season of riches and harvester, for many abundances. That is nature telling us that change is good and we should also think what changes we would like to make in our lives, maybe embark on a new project?

How can autumn reflections help us consider the nature surrounding us, climate concerns and our planet in general?

It is an embedded behaviour that we feel we need to update our wardrobes at every new season and get some new trendy items in our already growing collection of clothes.

But… is it time for a new collection yet?

Of course, brands will continue to target consumers even when most of the world is in lockdown or living with restrictions and may not need as many clothes.

A lot has been done to change certain behaviours in the fashion industry, but we have some way to go to make a significant impact. Our lives have changed with the COVID and I think autumn is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our fashion habits. Is it time to slow down on the purchase, become more creative, buy more sustainably and stop encouraging fast and disposable fashion?

It is not news that the fashion industry contributes heavily to the climate crisis with carbon footprint, plastic, water usage, greenhouse gases, cheap synthetic fibres, landfill and much more. The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply. Please refer to this excellent article from the World Economic Forum for some disturbing facts.

Did you know that according to the RSA website 52% of women intend to make long term changes?

So let's have a look at our closets and join this growing movement to make fashion fair, sustainable and ethical.

Hopefully, COVID can bring about a positive change not just in the fashion industry but in each of us.

We need to develop a more conscientious purchase behaviour and stimulate sustainable consumerism, Let's have a look at what changes driven by COVID many of us are facing:


  • Many people are now working from home therefore the need to update your working clothes may not be a top priority right now. If I have a meeting, I will wear a nice top with some accessories. I have been able to improvise and come up with good creations as I don’t need to worry if the top half of my clothes are matching with the bottom half! Bingo!

  • Social events have reduced for most people depending what type of restriction they are under. This is the ideal opportunity to get creative and shop your wardrobe and come up with new combinations and outfits. Well, as you probably have not seen your friends and family in a long while, your new combinations will look like a brand-new outfits to you and to them.

  • People stopped travelling or not travelling as much, so your last summer outfits will be perfect again for your next holiday, whenever that is going to be.

Do a closet inventory!

Well, I got everything out of my closet and separated all items by type (skirts, dresses, blouses, pants, etc) then by colour. Conclusions on my inventory:

  • I have enough clothes and shoes to last me this life and another one (shame I’m not a cat with 7 lives)

  • I have plenty of accessories which will help with new outfit combinations

  • I have clothes and shoes I haven’t worn yet (Yes, still have tags on)

  • I can change and transform pieces I don't love anymore (i.e. shorten a long skirt, change the buttons of some of my blouses and blazers, make a dress into a nice blouse or skirt) and create something that I can wear and will love.

  • I didn't realise I had so many pair of jeans

  • I can possibly make 20 different outfits with a pair of black trousers. Imagine how many different outfits I can make with each piece I own.

Options are endless if you decide to think outside the box and create more and more with what you have…. you would surprise yourself! I was very pleased to realise that I can create so many outfits that it feels like I'm wearing new outfits.

But if you must buy………

  • Only buy if you are 100% sure that you love it and will wear for many years to come

  • Make sure it perfectly fits your body shape so that you don’t have second thoughts and throw it at the depths of your wardrobe.

  • Don’t buy much of the same or colours you already have in excess in your wardrobe

  • Think about how this piece will go with what you already have

Change is hard, especially habits that are well embedded and become automatic behaviour, but change starts with each of us and is always possible!

Are you joining the sustainable fashion movement? What changes will you make?

Best wishes,


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